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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Monday, 25 January 2010

Analysis of the back of the album art work

After looking at this i can see that the normal characteristics of the back parts of the album are:
1. A photo of the band
2. Track listings
3. One dominant image
4. Smaller images of the record label and sponsers
5. The bands website
6. Information on the producers,managers, mixers, photographers etc
7. Names of the band members and what they play

Analysis of album covers

Before i begin to develop my art work i thought it would be a good idea to explore the conventions of the typical album cover.
When looking at these it became clear that they all have at least three things in common:
1. Only 2 fonts/sizes were used
2. Only 1 image on the front of the album cover
3. Only 2 dominant colours

The Theory of a Deadman cover varied in style as both the Good Charlotte and Nickelback covers were clearer images. However this is was the style they were going for.
From looking at this i think i will stay with these conventions.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Story boards

Photoshop experiments.

Before i decided on the final layout of the print work, i wanted to experiment with photoshop and see what i could come up with. Here are my results.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Analysis of adverts

If we look at this advert, we find out that it is being aimed at women straight away because of the female figure being used to help sell the product. The reason why she is being used arguably could be because they are trying to sell their product through sex, and women might be more influenced to buy them because they could look like her. The fact that she is a well known celebrity also helps them sell them product.
In terms of colour, we can see that they have only used three dominant, but contrasting colours throughout their advert. This helps to create a warm, calm, relaxing scene, so to some extent they could be trying to tell the audience that by having these ice creams you will have no troubles during that period of time.
Also there are only three fonts used throughout the page. They have deliberately used a larger size for the words ‘mini’ and ‘magnum’. This is to emphasize that they are smaller than other ice creams in their range and that they are new. Also the fact that they have highlighted ‘magnum’ makes it easier for their audience to decipher what brand of product it is.
Like almost every advert they have their product on the page. However what is not as common to see is that they are not dominating the page; they are positioned at the bottom. This could be because to some extent they are focusing on advertising the celebrity and the image that she will create for the product. To help support this, they have a quote from her ‘One of my little indulgences I enjoy again and again’. By using this, the audience will trust her opinion and therefore be more likely to buy the product.

This advert is more in the area that I will be creating my advert for, so I have also chosen to analyse this one. Similar to the last advert they have only used three fonts/sizes and colours – which contrast. The word ‘Sale’ is used to grab the audiences attention, which is quite successful. The only real audience type they are reaching out to is DVD lovers, as that is the only thing they are advertising. However, they are not just advertising one genre of film, but range from feature films such as action, comedy and Sci – Fi, but television box set dramas too. The idea of using a black back ground is a significant step to getting the audience to see what is in their advertisement. Unlike the last advert, there are no quotations either, this is because they are not relying on a name, or celebrity to sell their product. Also the name of their shop is used on the bottom and their logo is at the top which is the same in all of their adverts. They also advertise their website, in order to try and gain some more sales.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Letter to Road Runner Records.

Before we started shooting the video, we made sure that we would be allowed to use the song.