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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Final Product -In The Middle - Video

Print work - Special Edition cover

I made this cover to put on my advert, to go with my magazine cover and my other CD cover.

Print work -Digipak front cover

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Print Work - Second page of the inside of the digipak

Print Work - First page of the inside part of the digipak

Print work - Advert

In my advert, i have stuck to the conventions i have picked up on from my analysis of adverts. For example i have enforced the conventions of only using two/three fonts, sizes and colours. I have tried to keep a neutral tone throughout the advert. Also i have only advertised three products:
1. My album
2. The special edition album
3. My music magazine

i also managed to keep the conventions of the HMV adverts i had previously looked, for instance keeping the logo at the top of the page and having the website address, and company name at the bottom of the page.

Print Work - Back of the digipak