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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

More Location scouting photos


These are my flatplans for the album art and the poster i will be making on Photoshop at a later date.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Location scouting

On monday 19th October, Warrren and me went out location scouting for possible places to shoot our video. The following images are of the possible locations wish to use.

The following images are of the areas that we would like to see the band playing in our video:

1.We would like to use the place in the next two photographs because of the view you are able to see whilst standing on it.

2.However, we are also thinking of using either of these two parts of the beach. In the first image we are thinking of having the band play facing away from the sea. However when the tide comes in there could be some problems. In the second photo we can see the top end of the beach, it woudl be good to film here because of the cliffs behind it - and we wont get the equipment wet from the incoming tide.

3. Finally the next three images are of a field. I really like the surrounding areas. The trees would give the impression of the band being alone while they are playing their music. In effect its the same idea of the sea, isolating them from everyone else.

Results from questionnaire

Thursday, 15 October 2009


  1. What type(s) of music do you like?
    Other (please state)

  2. Out of the following artists, who do you like best?
    Theory of a Deadman
    Girls Aloud
    Rev Theory
    The Saturdays

  3. Out of the following songs, which do you prefer?
    In the Middle – Theory of a Deadman
    How You Remind Me – Nickelback
    Wordshaker – The Saturdays
    The One – Shakira

  4. Do you prefer to see animations in music videos?
    Yes No

  5. In your opinion, what is the most important feature of a music video?
    The Narrative
    The shots
    The Music
    The pace
    Lip synchronisation

  6. What types of shots/camera movements/camera angles do you like to see in music videos?
    Fast paced, action shots
    Slow paced shots
    Close ups
    Long shots
    Medium shots
    High Angle
    Isolation shots
    Low Angle
    Other (please state)

  7. Do you like to see music videos that follow the same conventions?
    No (if no, please state your reasons)
    Not bothered

  8. Where do you watch music videos?
    Other (please state)

(Note: we had already recieved our results by the time we posted this questionnaire. Also we had complete questions 2 and 3 on separate occassions because we needed to lower the possibilities of the artist we would use, then of the song we would use. However we asked the same people).

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Group intentions for the music video.

After much planning and consideration our group (Warren Connor, Jonny Elliot, myself, and Christina Harmer) have decided to didicate ourselves to one task in the project. However, we are obviously going to help with the other things that we need to do, not just our own assigned roles.

I will be responsible for the filming of the video.I will be deciding on the types of shots we will be using. The lighting conditions, (for when we are filming in doors. Obvisouly if we are filming outside, if it is sunny we wont be able to do any filming. However if it is a little overcast or cloudy then we will be able to film perfectly)and the lenght of time each shot takes. We dont want too long of a shot so our audience wont be bored. If we are able to mangage to have each shot playing for about 2-3 seconds it will work extremely well. If not then i would think that we would have to either edit the shots, or film them again.

Warren will be doing the planning/research for the video. This will include analysis of music videos and looking at the conventions of them. Location scouting, And storyboarding the ideas we have for the filming.

Christina will be doing the editing and making decisions on whether or not we need to do any more filming for video.

Jonny will be completing the print media we need to go with the video, so he will be researching into what makes good album artwork, and what is more likely to sell on the shop floor.

Evaluation of year 12, and A2 intentions.

This year, we originally thought about doing a Horror trailer for our practical prodcutions. However, after much thought and planning we decided to try a music video.
During year 12, i developed a larger understanding and knowledge of print media - mostly film and music magazines - about the camera angles they use in them, what the audience look for when they buy a magazine, and (in my opinion most importantly) time management.
This year, i intend to include more multimedia, and more evalulative evidence in my blog.