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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Location scouting

On monday 19th October, Warrren and me went out location scouting for possible places to shoot our video. The following images are of the possible locations wish to use.

The following images are of the areas that we would like to see the band playing in our video:

1.We would like to use the place in the next two photographs because of the view you are able to see whilst standing on it.

2.However, we are also thinking of using either of these two parts of the beach. In the first image we are thinking of having the band play facing away from the sea. However when the tide comes in there could be some problems. In the second photo we can see the top end of the beach, it woudl be good to film here because of the cliffs behind it - and we wont get the equipment wet from the incoming tide.

3. Finally the next three images are of a field. I really like the surrounding areas. The trees would give the impression of the band being alone while they are playing their music. In effect its the same idea of the sea, isolating them from everyone else.

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