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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Typical Conventions of music videos

I have recently been watching music videos that are the same genre as the one we want to produce. Whilst doing this I have picked out some reoccurring elements in each of them.
These conventions are:

· There is always a main character that the story/song is about.
· Storylines
· Realistic settings/styles
· Tracking shot
· There was no dialog at the beginning of the video
· The story focuses on the front man/woman of the band being the main character.
· Lip Synchronising
· Huge amount of shots used
· Varied range of camera angles used
· Close ups of the lead singer
· Simple, easy to understand narratives
· Edits match the speed/beat of the music
· Slow edits at the beginning of the song, fast paced action shots half way through the song, and slow fades at the end.

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